Supplementary Risk Assessment for Customers



Does the account provide evidence of fraudulent behaviour?

Important for:
- Fraud-Prevention



Calculates the disposable income of the account holder

Important for:
- Limit-Allocation
- Credit-Calculation



Where does the account-holder‘s income come from?

Important for:
- Definition of Betting-Limits

Advanced Due Diligence Check

AML- Checks

  • Sanctions Lists
  • Risk Databases
  • PEP List
  • PIP List

Additional Validations

  • Biographical Checks
  • Address Validation
  • Marketing Data
  • ICIJ Database
  • Interpol
  • Wikileaks
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Innovative Product Features

  • Help function thanks to Chatbot support
  • Platform supports all languages
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Customizable workflow per client
  • Digital authentication of documents
  • Scalable backend processes
  • Geo-location and IP check
  • No customer data stored
  • Time stamp and audit trail for every verification
  • Ability to process 1.7 million verifications per day
  • White-Label Solution
  • No human interaction with customer data

Clear Dashboard

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We do not save any data

Verifeye Online does not store any personal data. As soon as the verification process is completed, the data is sent directly and encrypted to our clients.
Thanks to servers located in Germany, it is guaranteed that personal data does not leave Germany.

Company Information

Sia Verifeye Online

Lāčplēša iela 20A,
LV-1011 Riga, Latvia.
Registration Number: 45403052185
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Data Security

Highest safety protection features
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Customer data is certified
according to ISO27001
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Positive age verification (AVS) by
the Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz (KJM)
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Verifeye Online operates in accordance
with the German and European GDPR